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The coins are Silver plated to recognize and honor Tombstone's silver mining history. They are a limited edition coin, only 300 have been produced. Along with the coins, you will receive an honorary Chamber membership certificate of appreciation for helping support the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce efforts to promote our small business community and keeping Tombstone's history alive!


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Our deepest appreciation goes out to the following Chamber member's who recognize the impact of the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce promotional efforts for local businesses and events and have stepped forward during this difficult time to invest in the this fundraiser:

Signature Sponsor:   Bob Love - O.K. Corral**
**Thank you to Bob Love/O.K. Corral for allowing temporary use of the O.K. Corral logo/image.

Jim Lindsey - Silver Hills Trading Company
Adam Klein - Arlene's
David Bales - Tombstone Cowboy Church
Susan Wallace - Longhorn Restaurant

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