Tombstone Chamber of Commerce

Why The Tombstone Chamber Needs Your Support

Who Are We? What's the Point of a Chamber?

A Chamber of Commerce is a unique thing. Many people think we are a city, probably tax funded, entity. Not true. Many people think we are a marketing agency. Not true, although we do provide marketing services. Many people think we are planners. Not true, although we do believe our community is enriched by having regular activities to enjoy.

At the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce, we consider ourselves to be customer service professionals.  We exist to serve our Chamber Member businesses, community partners, individual members, non profit partners, and the residents and visitors of Tombstone Arizona.   

We provide word of mouth referrals on a daily basis - via phone, email, and private message.  We manage a social media presence with broad reach.   We create networking connections and new partnerships.   We help your granddad find the phone number he didn't find in the yellow pages.  We help the visitor with phone numbers, travel information, and other local information.  We help students navigate the steps of their of their research project about Tombstone AZ, the O.K. Corral, Cochise County or other area information.   We mail visitor packets out of state to people who are interested in relocating here, and we encourage them to stay in our local Chamber Member hotels and order our favorite menu items from local Chamber Member restaurants/saloons.   We help newcomers settle in by giving them useful resources accompanied by a sincere warm welcome to the community.    We are an information hub, the small town 411.   

Our goal is to work with city leaders, County and State Tourism agencies, State agencies, Small Business Development Centers and more to stay in the know of things that could benefit or damage our communities. 

We are in a constant state of researching and are regularly brainstorming ways to market Tombstone AZ for families -- because the truth is, if nobody enjoys living in and visiting our communities, our businesses will not thrive the way we want to see them thrive.

During this devastating pandemic and period of under certainty that we are living in - the Tombstone Chamber took the leadership role and began to inform the community-at-large about the pandemic, and small business and individual resources available.   The Tombstone Chamber also extended to non Chamber Members to list their current business status on the Chamber's website.

It is never more important NOW to have a tried-and-true Marketing Strategy to promote Tombstone AZ.

A Little History and Background about the Chamber's Role in Marketing Tombstone Arizona

Since 2011 half of the total monthly bed tax revenue was designed/given to the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce by the City of Tombstone for advertising Tombstone AZ. The monthly amount of Bed Tax received from the City of Tombstone on average was $4500.00/month.

The reason that the Professional Services Agreement for the promotions for the Community of Tombstone tied the City of Tombstone together in partnership with the Tombstone Chamber of Commerce. This partnership was formed largely because who knows Tombstone AZ better than those that have personal and business stake in the community of Tombstone. 

This revenue allowed the Chamber to execute an well thought out and researched Annual Marketing Plan.   Annually the Tombstone Chamber presented an Advertising & Media Accountability Report to the City of Tombstone, Chamber Members and it is available to the community-at-large.

In May 2019, the Tombstone Chamber was notified by the City of Tombstone that they would not be renewing the Bed Tax money agreement. 

Even without the Bed Tax Monies from the City of Tombstone the Chamber has continued to market/promote Tombstone AZ through social media and other essentially "free" methods. 

The Chamber is here to support the Chamber Member businesses and the town as a whole. The ONLY form of income the Chamber has is from Memberships.   Right now the Chamber has suspended dues during this time. The Chamber of Commerce is a business. It has expenses, staffing, etc.   The Chamber is not supported financially by the City of Tombstone. The revenue from the sale of the Challenge Coins will be used to promote Tombstone AZ.    

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The Bottomline

The Tombstone Chamber of Commerce has built a long standing reputation of being the marketing arm of Tombstone AZ.   We are the "go-to-place" for visitor questions and information.  The Chamber has consistently continued to promote Tombstone AZ to the world - as a destination location.  The Chamber's website is well used by visitors and community members alike - it is the go to place for information, to ask questions, and during this pandemic - it has become a resource for COVID-19 information, and the status of Tombstone AZ businesses.     The lack of financial support will certainly ensure that the well planned broad based marketing of Tombstone AZ done consistently by the Chamber will end - and the Chamber will no longer exist.